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Advantages of Fashion Sento Tavolo Reading Table Lamp

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To design a reading table lamp that meets the requirements of customers, CAMILAMP lighting has launched this Fashion Sento Tavolo Reading Table Lamp that meets the needs of most consumers. The following describes the advantages of this reading table lamp.

Here is the Advantages list of this reading table lamp:

  • Light

  • Free-touch control

  • Base and light arm


This reading table lamp is our best light source, because its impact on vision is nearly perfect, with a luminous flux of 1170lm and CRI of 97, which meet the reading standards. The amp emits light from one side or both sides, providing perfect light for work or reading while creating an atmospheric environment. When details are very important, whether you are a fanatical reader or a loving hobby, it is recommended to use HD lights.

Using revolutionary new LED daylight wavelength technology ™ and the 18W power, the upgraded high-definition projection beam is not only closer to sunlight than before, but also has the additional advantages of low heat and low energy consumption, and provides a five-year warranty including the bulb life guarantee.

Even small fonts are clear and clear, allowing you to read comfortably for hours. If you sew, draw, or like puzzles, the colors will be accurate and perfect.

Unlike other lights, the newly upgraded LED HD reading light is made by our skilled technicians by hand.

Free-touch control

Industry-leading purple LED daylight wavelength technology ™ Using professional phosphor to copy the sunlight spectrum, HD is more advanced than ever before, and you will have complete control by projecting a balanced natural beam onto your page.

You can adjust the beam size to cover books or newspapers through touchless control, gesture, and beam width adjustment. The intuitive dimming function allows you to change the light output to suit your eyes and environmental conditions.

This reading table lamp benefits from all the features of the serious lamp, including fully flexible arms, rotating joints, and a reassuring and solid body. The LED lamp engine has a five-year bulb life guarantee. It can also provide everything you need. You can adjust and personalize the lighting conditions to suit you, your eyes, and what you are doing.

Base and light arm

This reading table lamp with a diameter of 24cm and a thickness of 2cm can not only bring you a comfortable and adjustable reading experience but also does not take up too much space. The lamp arm with a length of 60cm can adjust the light distance suitable for you to read according to your needs. The color temperature of 2700K and 3000K meet the standards of reading and learning. In addition, the lamp holder can be flexibly adjusted to 40 degrees.

CAMILAMP lighting can customize lamps according to customers' requirements. You only need to provide the size, material, and purpose you need. We will design lamps that meet your requirements based on professional knowledge and a reasonable price. If you are interested in reading table lamps, please contact us. Our website is

CAMILAMP lighting is lighting Manufacturer located in ZhongShan City, Guangdong Province, known as the "global lamp capital".




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