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Core functions of LED intelligent ceiling lamp

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With the demand for the development direction of LED lighting, customers have shifted from traditional products to multifunctional and cost-effective lighting products. At the same and close price as ordinary products, LED intelligent ceiling lamp with intelligent multi-function has become more and more popular with users. Next, we will introduce the core functions of LED intelligent ceiling lamps.

Here is the content list of core functions:

  • Control

  • Share

  • Happiness

  • Light effect

  • Literary creation

  • Interaction between light and music

  • Healthy


The control of the intelligent ceiling lamp switch can be controlled not only by the controller but also by timing. The lights can be turned on and off at different times every week. Next is the control of light. The brightness, temperature, and color of light can be continuously controlled manually or automatically.


The LED intelligent ceiling lamp controller has a lighting effect-sharing function. Through wireless broadband, it can seamlessly connect to the lighting effect sharing online store, choose your favorite from multiple lighting effects, and upload the lighting effects created by users to the lighting effect online store for Internet sharing with global families.


Light is closely related to emotion. Medical research has proved that orange light can promote appetite more. LED intelligent ceiling lamps can adjust the proportion of light and color brightness through control technology to help users maintain better moods in life scenes such as fitness, dining, party, and dating at home, and make light enhance happiness.

Light effect

The LED intelligent ceiling lamp has eight kinds of lighting effects, such as living, sleeping, waking up, dining, party, love, music, phototherapy, etc. No matter what life scene and mood, you can choose the proper lighting effect.

Literary creation

LED intelligent ceiling lamp controller has the creation function of lighting effects. The creation software has a friendly interface, which can easily create personalized lighting effects and realize the potential artistic intuition of ordinary users.

Interaction between light and music

LED intelligent ceiling lamps can perfectly realize the coordinated control of light and music, and enable users to feel the art of light and music like bars, dance halls, or concert halls at home.


The sleep mode in LED intelligent ceiling lamp refers to the scientific sleep light mode and provides a sleep light mode that can promote the secretion of melatonin, based on the adjustment rate of the sleep light slowly darkening of the existing medical research results, to help users sleep better. At the same time, light is closely related to the physiological rhythm. The professional light therapy mode can also help the jet lag, treat insomnia, adjust and develop the healthy habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and treat seasonal emotional disorders. LED intelligent ceiling lamp completes the function of natural light to improve health at home.

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