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Design creativity of LED floor lamp

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People always like to explore new and creative products, because creative products can not only bring a visual shock experience but also often have surprises in the experience. LED has risen rapidly in recent years. How can we design LED floor lamps that are popular with the public and appear unique among all kinds of lamps? To solve the problems of LED engineers, we bring you the creative design of LED floor lamps, hoping that engineers can play a reference and guidance role in product design.

Here is the content list:

  • Water drop LED floor lamp

  • Cloud LED floor lamp

  • Square flame LED floor lamp

Water drop LED floor lamp

If nature is a master of an art, then naturally generated works are the most perfect. For example, the shape of water droplets, whether raindrops fall from the sky or splash on the ground, can show the incomparable perfect shape of fluid.

At the moment when it is about to drop, condense the charming shape, inject the light of an LED lamp into it, and make it fresh in modern simplicity. This is the Liquid Drop Floor Lamp, designed by Benjamin Hopf Constantin Wortmann, a very elegant LED floor lamp, which is the shape of a natural water drop, letting you experience the LED creativity closely related to nature.

Cloud LED floor lamp

Like a cloud made of light, floating in a warm home, the large, white cloud lampshade is a safe and energy-saving LED light source, emitting soft and comfortable light. LED floor lamps or ceiling lamps can be designed according to requirements. Among them, the floor lamp is hung with a raindrop-shaped pull switch, which is like a rain cloud that is about to rain, while the cloud-shaped flat base is like the projection of clouds on the lake. There are two forms of cloud lamp, one is a floor lamp and the other is a ceiling lamp. The material of lampshades has been considered a lot, but limited to domestic technology, PVC white frosted or paper or cloth with frosted texture may be considered.

Square flame LED floor lamp

Remember the water drop LED floor lamp introduced? Its unique shape is unforgettable. Spanish designer Santiago Sevillano brought the same creative LED floor lamp with a square flame shape. The hot curve lamp body is made of opalescent translucent polyester, and the lamp body is built with a white LED light source. This LED lamp can't see the long power cord, and the LED driver relies on the rechargeable battery on the base, so it is very suitable for outdoor lighting landscapes, and it is also a beautiful scenery line for fashion homes.

The above is an introduction to the creative design of LED floor lamps. As a professional lighting company, CAMILAMP lighting has always been exploring creativity. It has always been our aim to keep exploring and have a modest heart, if you have any suggestions, welcome to communicate with us, you can contact us at

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