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How to install a modern pendant lamp?

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Modern pendant lamps can not only play the role of lighting but also play a good decorative role for new houses. But many people don't know how to install a modern pendant lamp after buying it. How to install a modern pendant lamp? It is also possible to install the pendant lamp by yourself, but how to operate it? You will find answers as follows.

Here is the content list:

  • How to install a modern pendant lamp?

  • Precautions for installation of modern pendant lamp

How to install a modern pendant lamp?

1. The fixing of the modern pendant lamp is similar to the ceiling lamp. The fixing of a modern pendant lamp also needs to draw the drilling point first, punch the hole with an impact drill, and then punch the expansion screw into the hole. It is worth noting that since a load of modern pendant lamps is generally greater than that of ceiling lamps, the ceiling should be fixed with metal hanging plates or hooks before connecting the base of the pendant lamp, which can make the installation of modern pendant lamps more firm.

2. The base of the modern pendant lamp is installed by screwing in the bare head screw. Connect the power wire and wrap the exposed part of the copper wire with insulating tape. Then connect the suspender to the base and adjust the appropriate height. Finally, install the shade and bulb of the modern pendant lamp.

Precautions for installation of modern pendant lamp

1. Note that the modern pendant lamp should not be installed too low. The use of the modern pendant lamp requires that the house have sufficient floor height. The modern pendant lamp should not be hung too low whether installed in the living room or dining room, so as not to obstruct normal vision or make people feel dazzled. Generally, the height of the pendant lamp can be adjusted. If the house is low, the use of pendant lamps will make the house more bright and more generous.

2. Pay attention to the firm and safe fixation of the chassis. The most basic requirement for the installation of lamps is that they must be firm. All kinds of lamps shall be installed according to the requirements of lamp installation instructions. If the weight of the lamp is more than 3kg, the embedded hook or the expansion bolt shall be used to fix the support and hanger directly from the roof.

3. Check that the suspender is firmly connected. Generally, the suspender of modern pendant lamps has a certain length of thread, which can be used to adjust the height. In addition to carefully checking whether the chassis is firmly fixed after installation, pay attention to the reliability of the connection of the light box suspended under the sling hanger.

In addition, the requirements for installing pendant lamps on different materials are different. When installing the electrical lighting device in the masonry structure, the embedded hook, bolt, screw, nylon plug, or plastic shall be used to fix it. It is forbidden to use wood chips.

The above is the detailed steps for the installation of modern pendant lamps. As a professional lamp manufacturer, CAMILAMP Lighting, in addition to having a professional design team, also provides a 5-year product quality assurance to provide consumers with an appropriate price and considerate service. If you have any questions about modern pendant lamps, please visit the website to consult us:

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