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How to install the bedroom wall lamp?

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The light in the bedroom is mainly soft and warm, so the bedroom wall lamp should use a diffuse material lampshade with low surface brightness. The wall above the bed head is equipped with a tea-colored carved glass wall lamp, which has an ancient, elegant, and deep charm. If it is a double bed, one lamp with an up light switch can be installed on both sides of the bed, so that one of them can read a book and the other can not be disturbed by the light. So how to install the bedroom wall lamp? Read the introduction below and you can get the answer.

Here is the content list:

  • Brushing method

  • Spray method

  • Artesian method

  • Roll coating method

  • Scraping method

  • Other gluing methods

Brushing method

The first method of installing the bedroom wall lamp is the brushing method.

This is the simplest and easiest and most often used method. This method applies to single or small-batch production and construction.

Spray method

The second method of installing the bedroom wall lamp is the spray method.

For adhesives with low viscosity, ordinary paint spray can be used for spraying. For those high-viscosity adhesives with short active periods and difficult cleaning, they can be sprayed from Bert in the reinforced plastics industry. The spraying method has the advantages of uniform gluing and high work efficiency; The defect is that the glue loss is large (about 20 to 40%), and the solvent is lost in the air to pollute the environment.

Artesian method

The third method of installing the bedroom wall lamp is the artesian method.

Adopt a rain-type automatic device. This method is incomparably suitable for flat plate-shaped parts, with high efficiency, and is suitable for mass production. To prevent the glue from clogging the nozzle, the glue used must have proper viscosity and mobility.

Roll coating method

The fourth method of installing the bedroom wall lamp is the roll coating method.

Immerse the lower part of the rubber roller into the glue, expose the upper part to the outside, directly or indirectly contact the working surface through the rubber roller, and drive the rubber roller to roll through the workpiece to apply the glue on the bonding surface. To achieve different gluing effects, different grooves and patterns can be made on the rubber roller wheat surface, and the gluing amount can be controlled by twisting the rubber roller pressure or using a scraper.

Scraping method

The fifth method of installing the bedroom wall lamp is the scraping method.

For limb and paste adhesives with high viscosity, and for adhesive parts such as floors, the adhesive can be coated with plywood. The rubber plate can be made of one to five thick elastic steel plates, hard polyethylene plates, and other materials.

Other gluing methods

Other gluing methods are the impregnation coating method, glue injection method, etc.

Local lighting and wall lamps with special lighting can be used in a fair way to build a comfortable and pleasant lighting space with different moods and make the bedroom more emotional.

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