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How to select a floor lamp?

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The floor lamp is generally composed of a bracket, lampshade, and light source. The bracket or base is matched with the lampshade, and the light source includes a halogen lamp, energy-saving bulb, LED, etc. At present, the commonly used light source is LED. It is often used with downlights, spotlights, ceiling lights, etc. So, how to select a floor lamps? The answer will be revealed below.

Here is the content list:

  • Style

  • Light output type

  • Security


Chinese classical style

The lamp holder is mainly made of bamboo and wood, and the lampshade is mainly made of various Chinese characteristic flannelette and silk yarn, with Chinese elements such as flowers and birds, ink, etc., fashionable and dignified, and soft light.

Modern and fashionable

Modern and fashionable floor lamps are mostly made of metal elements, and the shade color is mostly solid color, such as black, gray, simple, and fashionable. Or it has a unique shape and modern temperament.

Nordic style

Most of the Nordic styles use natural materials, and most of them are relatively simple. They do not use various patterns and patterns and pursue natural and practical ones. The Nordic-style floor lamp will make people a strong sense of an exotic feeling as if they are in a foreign country.

Light output type

There are 4 output types of floor lamp:

The omnidirectional diffusion type has no lampshade, and the light diffuses directly to the surrounding.

The direct-illumination light directly illuminates the target area, which is similar to the function of the table lamp and is often used as the area lighting for reading, reading, and so on.

Semi-direct lighting has the characteristics of both omnidirectional diffusion and direct lighting. When the downlight is used alone for the design without the main light, the ceiling will be relatively dark. Try to use this semi-direct floor lamp to make the overall light more uniform.

Uplighting is a kind of indirect lighting. The light emitted by the light source projects upward to the ceiling and then reflects. Such reflected light is a kind of diffuse reflection, with soft light and a strong atmosphere. However, pay attention to the brightness of the upward projection to avoid over-lighting the ceiling top and causing incongruity.


The floor lamp is stable by its base, and may also move frequently. So we must choose a stable base. This is safer to use. Whether there is relevant certification, the floor lamp belongs to 3C certification, so it must have 3C certification.

The most important choice of floor lamp is color temperature because floor lamp attaches importance to the role of adjusting people's mood and atmosphere. So color temperature plays a very important role. According to relevant research, high color temperature can stimulate the brain and make the brain stay more awake, but long-term stimulation will make people tired, which is why the classroom recommends using products with high color temperature, but the color temperature should not be too high. In the same way, floor lamps are often used for office work, so it is recommended to choose a color and temperature suitable for learning and office work. 4000k is a good choice. Sometimes the floor lamp is turned on to chat with relatives and friends. At this time, the color temperature of about 3500k makes people relaxed and the atmosphere is better, so the floor lamp also belongs to the atmosphere lamp. If you put it at the head of the bed, sometimes you open a book before you go to bed. At this time, it is more appropriate to use a color temperature of about 3000k, because the light at this color temperature will promote the secretion of melatonin and help people sleep. However, it is worth noting that do not use low color temperature and high brightness, so the whole atmosphere is easy to appear depressed.

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