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Installation analysis of luxury crystal pendant lamp

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It seems easy to install the lamp. You can change the light bulb yourself, but it is not so easy compared with the luxury crystal pendant lamp. Because the accessories of the crystal lamp are more numerous and complex, you still need to find a professional craftsman to install it. The following describes the installation analysis of the luxury crystal lamp pendant and how to install it.

Here is the content list:

  • Prerequisites

  • Punching

  • Fixing

  • Installation accessories

  • Switch debugging


To install luxury crystal pendant lamps, first, determine the installation location, and pay attention to the size of the room and luxury crystal pendant lamps. Then, all relevant accessories of the luxury crystal pendant lamp shall be equipped, and all parts shall be free from mechanical deformation, paint peeling, and other phenomena, which is the premise to ensure the beauty of the luxury crystal pendant lamp. Finally, configure the minimum cross-sectional area of each conductor according to the specifications, especially in dangerous or special places, use the lighting lamp with PV below 36 degrees, and take necessary protective measures.


To ensure that the luxury crystal pendant lamp is firmly fixed on the ceiling, it is necessary to punch holes in the ceiling with professional tools in advance. The specific number of holes to be drilled should be determined according to the installed crystal lamp. When drilling, buildings will fall. To avoid accidents, it is usually safer for operators to wear goggles.


After the hole is punched, you can start to fix the luxury crystal pendant lamp on the ceiling and fix it with screws. In the process of fixing the luxury crystal pendant lamp, we should also pay attention to connecting the lines properly. Because if it is only a fixed lamp without connecting the line, then the luxury crystal pendant lamp is just a decoration.

Installation accessories

The structure of the luxury crystal pendant lamp is usually complicated, and there are many accessories. The more expensive the luxury crystal pendant lamp is, the more luxurious the accessories are. It takes a lot of time to install. During the installation process, the accessories should be checked in advance to ensure that no accessories are missing, and then carefully installed.

Switch debugging

After the installation of the luxury crystal pendant lamp is completed, you can turn on the switch to adjust the luxury crystal pendant lamp. Generally, the color and color temperature of the luxury crystal pendant lamp can be changed by multiple openings and closing of the switch, so do not press the switch only once. Instead, repeatedly close the switch several times to see if there is any problem with the installation.

Remote control debugging

Now many luxury crystal pendant lamps on the market can be controlled not only by the switch panel on the wall, but also by the remote controller, but the remote controller needs to match the lamp. We can match by ourselves, or we can let the master of Andeng match. After matching, you also need to debug the luxury crystal pendant lamp just like the switch panel.

The above is the installation analysis of a luxury crystal pendant lamp. If you need to know more about luxury crystal pendant lamps, please contact CAMILAMP lighting. We will answer your questions with professional knowledge and patient service. Our website is

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