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Introduction of Arco K luxury Floor Lamp

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Every era has household articles that symbolize that era. One of the symbolic household articles of the 1960s is the Arco Lamp. The luxury floor lamp produced by the famous Italian lamp manufacturer Flos has not faded away like other iconic products of that era, although it has been available for more than half a century. Nearly 50 years later, it is still regarded as a classic lamp with excellent functions and outstanding forms and continues to be popular in the world. CAMILAMP lighting pays tribute to this Arco luxury floor lamp. On this basis, the Acro K Luxury Floor Lamp is launched. Next, let's introduce this product.

Here is the content list:

  • Components

  • characteristic

  • parameter


The whole luxury floor lamp design is composed of three parts:

A huge rectangular lead-free glass base, a 2.4-meter satin stainless steel arc "neck", and a bowl-shaped metal lampshade that shines downward.

  • Base

The base of the lamp is a huge rectangular lead-free glass base.

  • Lamppost

The lamp pole is a satin stainless steel telescopic valve rod.

  • Lampshade

The lampshade is crystal color, with a steel hole design on the top. In addition to the main projection light source, there is also a slight halo of upward projection twilight. It is a classic work of aesthetic creativity. Therefore, a lampshade has two different lighting modes: direct lighting downward and atmosphere lighting through the hole upward. The scale of the lamp also makes this kind of lighting a little strange. Similar lamps and lanterns are unique. The exaggeration of forms and the diversification of lighting are probably the main reasons why this lamp can become a classic.


The mainly characteristic of this luxury floor lamp is about lead-free glass base. Consider the redesign from the perspective of user experience, and bevel the eight corners of the lead-free glass base. This design considers the safety of users, especially for families with children. Another very interesting design is that there is a circular through-hole above the base. This is not an unnecessary design, but the handling of the base. The whole base has this round hole for easy handling. There is a square groove on the side of the base, which is the square groove for fixing the stainless steel lamp tube. It is very convenient to install. Just insert the lamp tube and lock the screw.

The base supports the pressed, polished, and zapon-varnished aluminum swiveling and height-adjustable reflector so that the lamp can provide direct and indirect light. The height extends to 2.4 meters, and there is enough lighting space to place a sofa or table below.


The following are the parameters of this Acro K Luxury Floor Lamp:

Color: Crystal


Head: ф three hundred and thirty-two

Width(can be adjusted during fitting ) : 2200/2150mm

Height( can be adjusted during fitting:1510/1850mm

Overall height: 2400mm

Base: 240 × 550mm


Luminous flux:600lm

CCT: 5000K


The above is about the introduction of this Acro K Luxury Floor Lamp. In addition to exploring new styles, CAMILAMP lighting also does not forget to use the classic to reproduce the classic lamps, bringing customers the unique taste of that era. If you are interested in this lamp, please visit our website and consult,

CAMILAMP lighting is lighting Manufacturer located in ZhongShan City, Guangdong Province, known as the "global lamp capital".




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