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Introduction of Chinese floor lamp

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Chinese floor lamps are mainly made of wood. They are exquisite in carving and painting and elegant in shape. Most of them are made of high-grade hardwood such as sourwood or sandalwood. Each product can make people miss the past and yearn for the future. Western scholars say that "without Chinese elements, there will be no dignity". Next, we will introduce the characteristics of Chinese floor lamps and how to install them.

Here is the content list:

  • Characteristics

  • Installation


1. Mainly made of bamboo and wood

The Chinese traditional culture with a long history has injected infinite creativity into Chinese classical lighting. Many Chinese floor lamps are very rich in shapes and patterns. The common ones include Chinese elements such as ink calligraphy, flower and bird traditional paintings, inscription and postscript, Peking Opera facial makeup, auspicious animal patterns, etc., which emphasize the sense of classical and traditional cultural charm. In terms of material, Chinese lamp holders are mostly made of hollowed-out or carved bamboo and wood, quiet and simple, emphasizing a meaningful and far-reaching design charm; The lampshade is mainly made of warm yellow parchment and Chinese red silk yarn. This kind of lighting is soft in light and warm in color. The periphery is equipped with various fences and graphics, which are simple and dignified, simple and generous. In addition, some original natural materials, such as natural rattan, cotton, and hemp, are also increasing.

2. Many styles

In recent years, due to the rise of household soft decoration, the design of Chinese floor lamps has become more diversified. Some of them are designed in combination with several cases of furniture, which can also be used as decoration, and also can be used as partitions by integrating screen shapes. This kind of Chinese floor lamp is made of wood, resin, stone, and rattan art. Compared with a traditional floor lamp, one of its advantages is that it can be moved at will. Whether it is near the sofa indoors or the small table outdoors, it can warm people's hearts, let people put down their worries, and enjoy a happy moment with their families.


In addition to hanging a variety of bulky chandeliers and wall lamps, such as table lamps, Chinese floor lamps, and other lamps can be installed by themselves. Although the installation method of each lamp will vary slightly according to the product design, it often works the same way. We only need to pay attention to the following points when installing the Chinese floor lamp:

1. Before installation, carefully read the installation drawings and prepare common tools, such as a flat cross screwdriver, hammer, etc. After unpacking the parts, it is best not to confuse them. If there are many similar parts, the drawing will draw a comparison diagram of the size of the real object. It is very easy to distinguish different parts by crossing the unused parts.

2. If the plate is damaged during inspection, you can contact the merchant to repair it. Where screws, eccentric parts, and wooden shafts are to be installed, guide holes will be opened, so there is no need to worry about the positioning of parts. It should be noted that the wrong parts should not be installed and then repeatedly screwed in, otherwise, the plate will be easily damaged, and instability and tilt will often occur after installation.

The above is an introduction to Chinese floor lamps. If you are interested in other floor lamps, you can contact CAMILMAP lighting at

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