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Introduction of European floor lamp

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There is no denying that many people like European floor lamps, for they are both luxurious and beautiful. It is important to choose your European floor lamps according to the style of the room. Next, you will better know more about European floor lamps.

Here is the content list:

  • How to choose and buy European floor lamps

  • How to match European floor lamps

How to choose and buy European floor lamps

1. When purchasing uplighting floor lamps, consider the uplighting height and other factors. If the uplighting height is too low, the light can only be concentrated in local areas, which will make people feel that the light is too bright and not soft. At the same time, use the uplighting floor lamp, the uplighting in the home should be white or light, and the uplighting material should have a certain reflective effect.

2. When purchasing direct-illuminated floor lamps, pay attention that the lower edge of the lamp shade should be lower than the eyes so that the eyes will not feel uncomfortable due to the light bulb. In addition, too much indoor light contrast will increase the eye load. Try to choose floor lamps that can be dimmed.

When using, it is better to avoid mirrors and glass products near the reading position because of the concentrated light of the direct-illumination lamp, to avoid discomfort caused by reflection.

3. If you choose "model floor lamp", it can be said that this lamp is not used for lighting. It is more like a "light carving" in the environment of the home. Of course, when purchasing this kind of floor lamp, we should consider its consistency with the overall style of the home. For example, a noble and classic standing lamp made of thick blood flower stone is the opposite of modern furniture with an elegant and streamlined yuppie style.

How to match European floor lamps

1. Pastoral style: both English and French

The idyllic style focuses on the performance of nature. The British idyllic furniture is characterized by its gorgeous cloth art, which is made by hand. Most of its flowers are mainly small flowers, stripes, and Scottish patterns. And British-style furniture is always the eternal theme. For lamps, whether it is a chandelier, floor lamp, table lamp, or cloth cover, it is most important to match it. The characteristics of the French pastoral style mainly lie in the whitewashing treatment of furniture. In the treatment of lamps, the lampshade should choose some large area of white instead of broken flowers.

2. Mediterranean style: a visual feast of gray and sea blue

Mediterranean-style furniture and lighting, most of which are gray and white walls, arches, sea-blue roof tiles, or doors and windows. With the mosaic on the wall, it will give people a dignified atmosphere. The lamps are equipped with Mediterranean style. First of all, pay attention not to jump too much, but to focus on heavy colors. In addition, most of its lamps should be based on height, and the height should be slightly higher. The glass material can be slightly matched with a bit of brightly colored glass products on it because it can be matched with the mosaic on the wall, so the effect is better.

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