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Introduction of Glamour Ice Crystals Tree Branch luxury crystal pendant lamp

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A luxury crystal pendant lamp is a kind of pendant lamp made of artificial crystal, which has the characteristics of gorgeous and noble. Unique shape, fashion, and high aesthetic value. Crystal is pure and noble, and crystal lighting also represents brightness and elegance.

Like fireworks, like a hundred flowers in full bloom, the branches frozen in winter are like ice sculptures, giving a visual impact. CAMILAMP Glamour Ice Crystals Tree Branch Luxury Crystal Pendant Lamp is the undisputed highlight of the living room.

Next, introduce the structure and material of this luxury crystal pendant lamp:

Here is the content list:

  • Structure

  • Material


This luxury crystal pendant lamp mainly consists of three parts: base, lamp arm, and lamp cap.

  • Base

The promotion of primitive texture needs a combination of materials and technology. Made of pure copper, with exquisite tree texture and branch shape details, it highlights nature.

  • Lamp arm

The light arm connected to the base naturally spreads downward like a branch. Each branch is carefully designed and adjusted by our professional team to ensure the authenticity of the product to customers.

  • Lamp cap

Lighting the pendant lamp, is dazzling, exquisite, and luxurious, accompanied by vitality. The artistic conception of beauty can not be separated from the foil of the line. This CAMILAMP luxury crystal pendant lamp can customize LED lamp caps with different colors, and match with the original crystal transparent and pure white, which can emit colorful colors from all directions according to the matching needs, giving people a different feeling, and also making your life full of color.


  • Imported pure copper - create high-quality CAMILAMP lamps

Such a "giant" hanging in the living room must have excellent quality and extraordinary quality. This CAMILAMP luxury crystal pendant lamp has many crystal pendant lamps made of glass, and their quality is not light. Therefore, if you want to prevent falling, material selection and technology are particularly important.

The production of CAMILAMP lighting and lanterns will use the traditional Italian handmade copper die-casting process and metal welding process to strictly control the entire production process with the highest international technological standards, so that each combination of lighting works has more than 100 rigorous production processes, which are made by precision welding, and the quality is reliable and reassuring.

All the copper materials adopted by CAMILAMP lighting are imported copper materials. After strict washing, phosphating, UV resistance, and salt spray tests, the anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance have been comprehensively improved, and the strength has reached more than five times that of similar products. The pure copper material gives people an elegant sense of ancient mortgage.

  • Clear crystal - pure and noble meaning

Crystal is a pure and noble meaning. The luxury crystal pendant lamp has a unique and fashionable shape and has the characteristics of gorgeous and noble. The crystal pendant lamp publicizes the brightness of the room and reflects the bright lights; The installation room is also a beautiful decoration treasure.

Through the transparent light of the glass lampshade, the space atmosphere becomes more beautiful and elegant.

As a professional lighting company, CAMILAMP lighting can design products that meet your temperament according to your specific requirements. In addition, from the perspective of customers, we also require the product to have five-year quality assurance. Therefore, if you are interested in this luxury crystal pendant lamp product, please contact us at any time. Our website is

CAMILAMP lighting is lighting Manufacturer located in ZhongShan City, Guangdong Province, known as the "global lamp capital".




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