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Introduction of Modern Decorative Wall Lamp With Double-Layer Design

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Nowadays, people are using wall lamps more and more widely, and modern decorative wall lamps are also popular with more and more people. The modern decorative wall lamps, through the art of light, can display different effects in the interior and is also a wonderful trick to decorate the space. In local areas, they can produce special lighting effects, and the cold and silent night is stained with a romantic color. Next, we will introduce a modern decorative double-layer wall lamp designed by CAMILAMP lighting.

Here is the content list:

  • Structure

  • Characteristic

  • Material


The Modern decorative wall lamp with a double-layer design made by CAMILMAP lighting designer has changed the shape of the lamp shade. It consists of three parts, one is a 1440 or 1280lm LED light source, one is a lamp shade, and the other is a switch base. It makes use of the idea of "double layers+natural verticality" to make it look like two standing rings when viewed from the front. When you look carefully, you will find that these two rings are the same object, giving you a sense of science and technology, which makes you can't help looking at more, and also adds a little bit of interest. If you turn on the lamp, it is like an art sculpture, revealing a fantastic light source from the ring, people can't help but marvel at the ingenuity of the design.


  • Appearance

This modern decorative wall lamp with a double-layer design has a unique shape. When placed on the table, its double-layer design makes it look elegant, simple, and fashionable.

  • Function

This lamp can be used for many purposes. In addition, it can also be installed on the wall as a wall lamp, suitable for various occasions. The curved lampshade ensures that its light source is centralized.


  • The LED lamp has 16W or 18W, energy saving and environmental protection.

  • The lamp body is composed of stainless steel electroplating. Its performance is rust prevention, heat resistance, and long service life.

  • Its particularity mainly lies in the fact that the front part of its bulb is covered, so the direction of the light source is towards the wall, which can buffer the 3000K CCT and let the light radiate its other role, producing a romantic and aesthetic effect with CRI of 80.

  • Acrylic lampshades, energy saving, and environmental protection make the light evenly distributed, soft, and not hurt the eyes.

  • Silicone chassis with strong adsorption

The modern decorative wall lamp, through the different materials and the shape change of the lampshade, deduces the small wall lamp to a wonderful and colorful point. These wall lamps with infinite creativity, use rich means of change, like light and shadow, and have been transformed into unexpected effects. Modern decorative wall lamps are decorated at home so that the night is no longer cold.

The above is about the introduction of this modern decorative wall lamp brought by CAMILAMP lighting. We have a professional designer team to keep up with the pace of innovation, so you don't have to worry about our style falling behind. If you want to learn more, please visit our website

CAMILAMP lighting is lighting Manufacturer located in ZhongShan City, Guangdong Province, known as the "global lamp capital".




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