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Introduction of Residential Glass JIVE-01 Reading Floor Lamp

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The reading floor lamp generates a target light near the sofa or in the reading corner. They highlight a specific area, or a flexible arm with a spotlight directs light to a specific location. With eternal design and modern lighting technology, it presents itself with intuitive and controllable LED lighting technology and new colors. Today, we will introduce this residential glass JIVE-01 reading floor lamp from CAMILAMP lighting.

Here is the content list:

  • Components

  • Advantages

  • Features

  • Precautions


This reading floor lamp is composed of the lamp shade, lamp body, foot switch and base:

  • Lampshade

The lampshade is composed of soft silica gel, with uniform texture and a built-in LED light source, which makes it transparent, soft, and not easy to glare.

  • Lamp body

Hand-forged and bent, the surface is not easy to rust and is simple and easy to handle.

  • Footswitch

Quality foot switch, no need to bend down, easy to operate the switch, and enjoy convenient life.

  • Base

Quality hardware base, thick and durable, paint baking process, fine texture.


  • Soft light

In the light of art from northern Europe, every lamp can not live up to the expectations of life. What we provide is not just a reading floor lamp, but a beam of warm light for you. Bright and effective LED light source that provides superior light quality with floor light CRI>80, endows the space temperature with arbitrary adjustment, and the details between soft light and light body reveal simple and delicate artistic quality, which makes the human eye still comfortable after long exposure.

  • Low-cost operation

Saves 80% energy compared to others and eliminates the cost of over 6MULTI replacements over the life of the fixture (L70 = 30000 hrs)

  • Superior glass with perfect Finishing.

  • Creative curve luminous shape

This floor lamp, even if it is not turned on, can also be used as artwork to decorate and beautify the space. The matte paint surface and exquisite texture make this floor lamp score again based on a creative curve.

  • Color Multi-selection

There are three colors, black mat, hite mat, nickel mat, which is rich and practical. There is always one for you.

  • Environmental friendly

No hazardous materials, the base and lamp bracket are made of iron and aluminum, and the lampshade is soft silicon tape, with a built-in LED light source and high-power LED chip.


The features of this reading floor lamp are as follows:

Color: Black mat/White mat/Nickel mat

Material: Metal,

Dimensions Width: 32 × height:18 × Depth: 24, Weight:1.32kg

Light source: 220V~50Hz

Power: 23W

Luminous flux: 1 × 2700lm

CCT: 2700+4000

CRI >80

IP: 20

UGR ≤ 23

SDCM ≤ 5

PF ≥ 0.9

Flickering ≤ 5%


Here are the precautions for this reading floor lamp:

Memory function

Not dimmable

Sensor dimmer

5-Years-quality assurance

The above is the introduction to this reading floor lamp. In addition to being suitable for reading, this floor lamp can also be used on many occasions. As a professional manufacturer of lighting, CAMILAMP lighting had a quality assurance policy, so customers would not worry about buying a defective product that would cost them time and money. If you are interested in this reading floor lamp, please contact us at

CAMILAMP lighting is lighting Manufacturer located in ZhongShan City, Guangdong Province, known as the "global lamp capital".




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