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Introduction of bedside wall lamp

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In modern home decoration, many people are very careful about the decoration and decoration of the bedroom. Considering that the bedroom is the place where people sleep and the light should be soft, the frequency of using the main lamp should be reduced, and more importantly, a table lamp or wall lamp should be installed at the bedside. So what is the bedside wall lamp? Next, you will find the answer in the article.

Here is the content list:

  • Is it good to install a wall lamp at the head of the bed?

  • Can I install one bedside wall lamp?

  • What to pay attention to when installing bedside wall lamps?

Is it good to install a wall lamp at the head of the bed?

The bedroom is the place where residents sleep and rest, so the light in it should be mainly soothing. The bedside wall lamp can not only meet the local lighting needs of reading, dressing, and dressing but also play a role in adjusting the mood of the bedroom and beautifying the bedroom. That is to say, the bedside wall lamp integrates three functions general lighting, local lighting, and decorative lighting, and the light tends to be soft, which will not make people feel dazzled at night. In short, a bedside wall lamp is a good choice.

Can I install one bedside wall lamp?

We believe that many owners are struggling with such a problem when decorating their bedrooms: Is there a bedside wall lamp or a pair? It depends on the overall decoration style of the bedroom and the owner's preference. In addition, you can also see the type of bed. If it is a single bed, you can put a wall lamp above the middle of the bed; If it is a double bed, a wall lamp is installed on one side.

What to pay attention to when installing bedside wall lamps?

1. Reserved wire head

If you want to install the bedside wall lamp, you need the owner to reserve the wire head on the wall when decorating the bedroom. Because the wall lamp is often installed in the middle of the wall, there is no dark line, so you need to pull a wire on the wall according to the position of the wall lamp so that the smooth wall will not be beautiful.

2. Higher than sitting position

The height of the wall lamp installed should be higher than the sitting position because people can get good light when reading in bed. At the same time, the dimmable wall lamp above the bedside background wall is also a good choice.

3. The switch should be within reach

When installing wall lamps, we should also consider whether their switches are easy to switch and adjust or whether they are within the reach of the occupants. Because the switch is too far away, it is not convenient for people who are sleepy to turn off the light. On the contrary, it will make them turn off the light without sleep.

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