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Introduction of cloth decorative table lamp

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There are many kinds of decorative table lamps. We introduce one of the very common decorative table lamps - cloth decorative table lamps. The body of the cloth decorative table lamp is usually made of resin, iron and other materials to create various shapes, and then matched with different colors, different patterns, different textures of fabrics and decorative lace, thus forming a variety of cloth decorative table lamps. However, many people only know that it looks good, but do not know its advantages and several points that need attention. Specific information about them is as follows.

Here is the cotent list:

  • Advantages of cloth decorative table lamp

  • Several points that need attention

Advantage of cloth decorative table lamp

What are the advantages of cloth decorative table lamp?

Advantage 1: The light is soft and does not hurt the eyes. Because it is made of cloth, we can change its light transmittance and light color according to the thickness, color and even coating of the cloth, which has a good protective effect on the eyes.

Advantage 2: good decoration effect. Cloth is a kind of soft material with physical properties. It can be easily made into various shapes, and the decorative effect is very good. Especially the table lamp, wall lamp and floor lamp in the bedroom at home and in the hotel room are mostly used with fabric lampshade.

Advantage 3: strong sense of atmosphere. As mentioned above, table lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps in hotel rooms and home bedrooms can easily create a warm and romantic atmosphere with beautiful lamp shapes and soft light.

Advantage 4: widely used. Whether it is a Chinese lamp, a modern lamp, a European lamp, or a garden lamp, you can use fabric materials to make the lamp, and you can also use fabric lampshade for the eyedroplight, ceiling lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, and wall lamp, with very good decoration effect.

Several points that need attention

  1. It is easy to get dirty and cannot be scrubbed, which is actually easy to understand. Although we said earlier that the fabric lampshade is easy to clean, just like the clothes we wear, the fabric material itself is easy to "absorb dust" due to its low density, and the fabric material cannot be wiped with a cloth, let alone with water.

  2. Flammable. Most of the fabrics are basically flammable without special flame retardant and fireproof treatment. Therefore, if you choose fabric lampshade, try to keep the lamp away from the fire source, and do not let the light source too close to the lampshade.

  3. The price is relatively high. Due to the many procedures of fabric processing (weaving, plate making, printing and dyeing) and the relatively complex process of making cloth decorative table lamps, their prices remain high.

The above is the introduction of decorative table lamps. If you want to know more about other decorative table lamps, please visit CAMILAMP lighting's website and information us. Our website is:

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