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Introduction of floor lamp

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Floor lamps are usually divided into uplighting floor lamps and direct lighting floor lamps. Generally arranged in the living room and rest area, with the sofa, and coffee table the use of the room to meet the needs of local lighting and decoration of the home environment. In some modern minimalist home designs that are popular now, the fashionable and unique shape and convenient use are more and more popular among the public, and the use of such lamps is quite common. Next, we will introduce the specific details of the floor lamp.

Here is the content list:

  • Form

  • Features


Floor lamps are generally composed of a lampshade, bracket, and base, with a straight and beautiful shape.


Floor lamps are usually used for local lighting and are not comprehensive, but to emphasize the ease of movement, as the creation of corner ambiance is very practical. The lighting pattern of floor lamps is a direct downward projection, suitable for reading and other activities that require concentration. If indirect lighting is used, the overall lighting changes can be adjusted. The height of the lower edge of the floor lampshade should be greater than 1.8m from the ground.

Floor lamp shades should be simple, generous, and decorative. Barrel covers are more popular, as are lanterns and lanterns. Some people like to make their covers, such as large lampshades made of white adhesive film and paintings, which is interesting.

Most stands for floor lamps are made of metal, cork, or natural materials. The stand and base must be made or chosen to match the shade.

The corner lamp is also a floor lamp. It is like an oversized table lamp, but it only adds a high base. In terms of function, a corner lamp is the same as a floor lamp. In terms of shape, it seems to be more stable and elegant. It is often used at the corner of a sofa or furniture with a bottle or cylindrical seat body and an umbrella or barrel cover. It is very beautiful.

If you are a TV fan, it is recommended that you put a desk lamp or floor lamp on the sofa or beside the bed. When watching TV, you need a gentle light source to reduce the irritation of the TV screen light to the eyes.

The living room with a sofa can be decorated with a floor lamp behind the sofa. It not only ensures your own reading needs but also won't affect your family's watching TV. The height of the floor lamp is generally 120-130cm, and it is best if the height or shade angle can be adjusted. The shape and color of lamps should be coordinated with the furniture of the living room.

If necessary, you can also use the light of the floor lamp upwards as background lighting. Adjusting the height of the lamp can change the diameter of the aperture, thus controlling the intensity of the light and creating a hazy aesthetic feeling.

Many people have the habit of reading and writing at night. The bedroom is private. Therefore, it is convenient to squeeze a small study into the bedroom without disturbing the family. A small desk can be designed beside the bed, and a double-layer bookshelf can also be designed to hang in the air. With a floor lamp, a small study that is warm and simple is located in the bedroom.

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