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Introduction of luxury table lamp

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Everyone knows and has used the table lamp. When many families decorate and buy household goods, they will buy one or several lamps. Whether placed on the bedside table or on the desk or in the living room, it can bring a ray of warm light at night without being too bright and dazzling. Next, let’s introduce the luxury table lamp by several questions.

Here is the content list:

  • What is a luxury table lamp?

  • What kinds of luxury table lamps?

What is a luxury table lamp?

Luxury table lamps, as the name implies, are more gorgeous than ordinary table lamps in style and style. Luxury here refers not only to the appearance and style of the table lamp, but also to the brand and quality of the table lamp. Compared with ordinary table lamps, luxury table lamps are more luxurious and bright in appearance, more expensive in style, and certainly more excellent in quality. At the same time, compared with ordinary table lamps, luxury table lamps use more high-end materials, and the manufacturing process will be more complex.

What kinds of luxury table lamps?

The following are several common luxury table lamps:

  • European table lamp

Generally speaking, the style of this table lamp is mainly European style, and it mainly focuses on the feeling of luxury and retro, while the material is mostly resin material, and the structure of the lamp body is also relatively complex.

European lamps are mainly made of resin, pure copper and forged iron. Among them, the resin lamp has many shapes, and can have various patterns. It looks bright and bright when pasted with gold foil and silver foil; The shapes of pure copper and iron are relatively simple, but more textured.

  • Jade table lamp

The material of this table lamp is close to the jade factory. It has a delicate texture and has a certain collection value. The price is also relatively expensive.

  • Crystal table lamp

Like jade table lamp, crystal table lamp also has a sense of exquisite and bright. Generally, it is large in size and suitable for luxurious and high-grade decoration style.

  • Ceramic table lamps

Generally, most of them are in Chinese classical style, which is highly ornamental. They are often used in combination with Chinese decoration style, reflecting a profound historical background and a low-key luxury.

The above is the introduction of luxury table lamps. In addition to the small style placed on the table, the above luxury table lamps also have a more textured floor-type design, which shows a kind of luxury. We can ask our professional designers to help you choose a table lamp style that is suitable for your home style if you are intrested.

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