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Introduction of outdoor wall lamp

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Outdoor wall lamps are often installed outside residential buildings, scenic spots, parks, and other public places. Their application is not only a supplementary lighting function but also a function of beautifying the building's appearance. This outdoor wall lamp is widely used in today's society, and its shape and type can vary according to the actual situation.

Here is the content list:

  • The style of outdoor wall lamp

  • Key points of purchasing outdoor wall lamp

The style of outdoor wall lamp

Nowadays, popular outdoor wall lamps mainly include European outdoor wall lamps, Chinese outdoor wall lamps, and modern outdoor wall lamps.

European outdoor wall lamp

The European-style outdoor wall lamp is based on European-style design elements. The support is generally made of iron or copper, and the lamp shell is generally made of glass. It is mainly used in the decoration works of star-rated hotels, senior clubs, and villas to reflect the elegance of the European aristocratic atmosphere.

Chinese outdoor wall lamp

As the name suggests, Chinese outdoor wall lamp combines elements of the Chinese style. The lampshade is generally made of glass, acrylic, and imitation marble, and the structural support is made of aluminum and other metal materials, but the shape is made into the shape of a Chinese-style pane or palace lamp.

Modern outdoor wall lamp

The modern and simple outdoor wall lamp is not taboo, but it is more harmonious with modern high-rise buildings. The shape is simple, and it is combined with the building during the day. At night, it plays the role of embellishing the building and providing lighting.

Key points of purchasing outdoor wall lamp

1. Pay attention to the quality of the lampshade When purchasing outdoor wall lamps, we should first pay attention to the quality of the lamps themselves. Generally, the lampshade of the outdoor wall lamp is made of glass, and its bracket is made of metal. So we need to see whether its metal corrosion resistance is good and whether the light transmittance of the lampshade is appropriate. If the outdoor wall lamp can meet these requirements, it means that the quality is good, on the contrary, it means that its quality is not good, and it is not recommended to buy.

2. Note that the light intensity of the wall lamp is less than 60 watts compared with the light intensity of the indoor wall lamp, to ensure the overall softness of the outdoor light and protect people's eyes.

3. When choosing the type of wall lamp, we must consider the size of the overall space. If the space area is large, we can choose a thicker wall lamp; On the contrary, the space area is relatively small, so it is better to choose a thinner wall lamp. In addition, to prevent unnecessary fire, it is better to choose a wall lamp with a protective cover.

4. Pay attention to the overall style in the selection of outdoor wall lamps, we must pay attention to the style of wall lamps, whether the style and installation site with. Such as European-style decoration, the choice of European-style wall lamps more appropriate; Chinese style decoration, the best choice of Chinese wall lamps.

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