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Introduction of the custom chandelier

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When the market's choice of chandeliers is often unsatisfactory, many consumers will turn to custom chandeliers. So, how can we ensure that lamp manufacturers can provide perfect customized pendant lamp service? Next, we will introduce information about customized chandeliers.

Here is the content list:

  • Three characteristics of custom pendant lamp consumer groups

  • Key points of the whole process of custom chandeliers

  • Full process analysis of custom chandelier

Three characteristics of custom pendant lamp consumer groups

  1. The need for custom chandeliers is clear. They have a clear understanding of the style suitable for their place and the planning of the decoration time process. The designers often give accurate and timely solutions after communicating with them, and truly achieve "tailor-made". In this way, many after-sales problems can be avoided.

  2. Customization demand is stable. Ordinary household consumer groups are vulnerable to the impact of the external economic environment, but high-end consumer groups are relatively stable. In addition, the lack of state-led investment and large-scale project investment is still in full swing, which makes the market segment of lighting customization less risky but rewarding.

  3. Lamps need high specifications. Unlike the popular "DIY" customization, custom chandeliers are more professional, and they are mostly aimed at the elite. The demand for high specifications determines that the realization of custom chandeliers must have a strong team of designers and professional manufacturing suppliers.

Key points of the whole process of custom chandeliers

  1. Custom chandeliers require full contact and communication between customers and designers. They should inform the designer of their interests and style characteristics so that the designer can formulate a reasonable lamp customization plan according to the actual situation of the room.

  2. When necessary, designers can show customers the sample showroom of custom chandeliers, and then investigate the manufacturing process of lamps and lanterns to communicate with consumers about the current trends. After the communication, the designer has a general understanding of the customer's needs and then can determine the preliminary plan of lamp customization, and ask the customer to confirm after the design is completed.

  3. The designer will measure the actual position and size of the lamp at the door, such as the installation position and placement position of the lamp. The designer will measure the position of the lamp from a multi-angle perspective to achieve accurate measurement. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the matching of the custom chandeliers with the surrounding furniture, decorations, or pendants, in line with the color-matching changes and visual changes.

  4. The designer can draw a design drawing that meets the requirements according to the actual measurement results on the site, and then communicate with the customer about the preliminary plan. For the unsatisfied part, the designer can be required to change it until the customer is satisfied.

  5. During the manufacturing process of custom chandeliers, the manufacturer and the customer should discuss the material, surface treatment, and other issues. After customization, the manufacturer shall invite customers to conduct on-site acceptance.

Full process analysis of custom chandelier

Participate in the preliminary work of custom chandeliers → communicate with customers to master the product requirements and precautions → customers determine the plan to place production orders → product refinement and structural design → communicate with customers and confirm the color and structural design construction drawings → preliminary hardware processing → enter the production stage of surface treatment → product production completion → invite customers to the factory for inspection (or send product photos for confirmation) → deliver goods on time through logistics Installation → customer archiving, after-sales service.

The above is an introduction to custom chandeliers. If you are interested in custom chandeliers, please contact CAMILAMP lighting at

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