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Introduction of wire-less intelligent wall lamp

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Many people intend to transform their homes into smart homes. To become a real smart home, it is not enough to simply have audio and video equipment that supports voice control and household appliances that support intelligent functions. Even lamps should support intelligent functions. CAMILAMP's wire-free intelligent wall lamp allows people to go to the bathroom or drink water at midnight without turning on the light manually or going in the dark. It is a good and practical choice for an intelligent wall lamp.

Here is the content list:

  • Advantages

  • Structural composition

  • Characteristics


  • Bright and efficient LED light source, providing excellent light quality when wall light CRI>90

  • Low-cost operation: 80% energy saving compared with other equipment eliminates the cost of more than 6 MULTI replacements during the fixture life (L70=30000 hours)

  • High-quality aluminum, perfect finish

  • Various colors: matte black/matte white/chrome/golden rose

  • Environmental protection: no harmful substances

  • Wire-free, magnetic installation

  • Optical efficiency: up to 75 lm/W

  • User-defined working time: the light of this intelligent wall lamp will only light up when someone passes by at the specified time, so as not to light up randomly in the daytime and consume electricity.

  • Multiple occasions: no matter whether it is installed in front of the door, stairs, corridors, garage, and other indoor and outdoor places, there is no problem.

  • Warranty period: 5 years

Structural composition

  • Outer covering

The material of this intelligent wall lamp is aluminum. Aluminum outer covering can better protect LED street lamps and extend their service life. The second is a good heat dissipation effect.

  • Infrared sensor

The sensing distance is 2-3 meters, only when you get close, it will light up, and the distance is just right, which can also save power, environmental protection, and energy conservation

  • Light source

The light source is 5W, 3000K, and 375 lumens.

  • Battery

The battery is a rechargeable battery, with 2000 mAh and 3.7 V specification, its charging time is 2 hours, and it supports USB power.


This wire-free intelligent wall lamp is equipped with a 2-3 meter infrared sensor, which can automatically light up to greet you when you return home at night, and automatically turn off when the sun is sufficient. It is intelligent and energy-saving. This design is especially suitable for users who live in village houses.

Wire-free intelligent wall lamps can provide up to 75 lm of light per watt, which is enough to illuminate the whole room or corridor. In addition, users can also connect the intelligent wall lamp with the APP, which can not only check the switch status of the device but also adjust the brightness of the wall lamp (0% to 100%) through the APP, which is very considerate.

In terms of design, this CAMILAMP’s wire-free intelligent wall lamp is very small, only 100 x 100 x 100mm, and uses SMD LED technology to make the light release more balanced. In terms of design, its fashionable shape can easily cater to the interior and exterior decoration of different homes. As for the installation, it is also very simple. It only needs to use the zero fire line to connect the power to the intelligent wall lamp, and then turn on and off the wall lamp continuously 3 to 4 times until the light flashes. Finally, it can be completed in three simple steps through the APP operation, which is very convenient.

The above is about the wire-free intelligent wall lamp launched by CAMILAMP lighting. If you want to know more about the intelligent wall lamp, please visit our website,

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