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Introductn of a C-shaped pendant lamps

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There are many types and styles of pendant lamps. The pendant lamp introduced today has a unique shape. The C-shaped pendant lamps designed by CAMILAMP lighting can bring you a different experience. Next, let's introduce this pendant lamp.

Here is the content list:

  • Components

  • Characteristic

  • Advantage

  • Parameter


The C-shaped pendant lamp includes a fixed structure and a lamp body. The section shape of the lamp body is C type, and the lamp body is connected with the fixed structure through an electrified suspension wire;

The whole lamp is beautiful, and the light emitted by the silicone lens is warm and soft; The lamp body can be adjusted up and down freely, and the desired lamp body height can be located. The unique shape design and structure design.


This C-shaped pendant lamp with raised and lowered body is characterized that it includes a fixed structure and a lamp body. The section shape of the lamp body is C-shaped, which is connected with the fixed structure through the electrified suspension wire; Wherein, the fixed structure base plate is used for hanging wires to adjust the height of the lamp body; The lower part of the fixed structure is provided with a decorative plate for closing the fixed structure; The lamp body is composed of silicone upper lens, LED lamp plate, and lamp body from top to bottom; The power-on suspension wire is connected with the LED lamp board; The silicone lens is connected with the lamp body, and the LED lamp plate is fixed with the lamp body.


Here are the advantages of aC-shaped pendant lamp:

Concentric rings, in sequence or overlapping, wall-mounted or suspended, develop archetypal visual codes inspired by the beauty and purity that the circle synthesizes in its perfect symbolic form. An idea realized with important hand-crafted materials that diffuse a warm and intriguing light.

The stainless steel lamp body, cast at high temperatures, is solid and stable and has a bright color. It has 36 manual processes, such as raw material refining, polishing, polishing, welding, and glazing. It is solid and thick, with a clear texture, and is the industry's qualified standard.

No limit on the floor height of the house type, which is suitable for a variety of home and commercial office places.

Fashionable, easy to match restaurant, bar home, commercial use, and other styles, lighting warm art space.

Colback Monochrome Strip 24V/10W MOSO power supply.

Can be raised and lowered + free adjustment.

5-Years quality assurance.


Here are the parameters of a C-shaped pendant lamp:

Color: Electroplated titanium gold

Material: Aluminum + Silicone+iron

Craft: Oxidation

Dimensions: D400/D600/D800 /1000

Power LED: 25W, 38W, 51W, 62W

Luminou flux:1000lm/3040lm/4080lm/4960lm

CCT: 3000K

CRI: 80

The above is the introduction of C-shaped pendant lamps. As a professional manufacturer of lighting, CAMILAMP lighting provides download catalogs, watching videos, FAQs, complaints, product samples, quotations, product specification, PI(Proforma Invoice), testing, factory audit-filled, light topics, installation instructions & tips, product information, cooperation (ODM/OEM), payment, if you want to know more about C-shaped pendant lamps, please contact us at

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