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Main categories of wall lamps

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A wall lamp is an auxiliary decorative lighting lamp installed on the indoor wall, usually equipped with an opalescent glass lampshade. The power of the bulb is mostly about 15-40 watts, and the light is elegant and harmonious, which can make the environment elegant and beautiful, especially for the newlyweds. There are many types and styles of wall lamps, such as ceiling lamps, bedside wall lamps, color-changing wall lamps, and mirror wall lamps. Next, we will introduce some main categories of wall lamps.

Here is the content list:

  • Living room lamps

  • Light in the bedroom

  • Restaurant lights

Living room lamps

Generally speaking, if the living room has a high space, it is appropriate to use the incandescent ceiling lamp with three or five forks, or a larger round ceiling lamp, which can make the living room look magnificent. If a lower wall lamp is placed on the nearby wall again, the effect is even better. Not only reading books, and reading newspapers when there is local lighting, but also in the meeting and conversation added a cordial and harmonious atmosphere. The wall behind the TV can also be installed with a small wall lamp, or soft light, to protect eyesight.

Light in the bedroom

The bedroom light is mainly soft and warm. The central ceiling lamp can be replaced by a wall lamp and floor lamp in the room. The wall lamps should be used with low surface brightness diffuse material shade, the wall above the bed, installed a teal engraved glass wall lamp, with antique, elegant, deep flavor. Bedside table lamps are available, if it is a double bed, but also on each side of the bed with dimmer switch lamps, so that one of them reads a book or newspaper when the other is not disturbed by light.

Restaurant lights

Restaurant lampshades should be used with a clean appearance of glass, plastic, or metal materials, to scrub at any time, and should not be used woven, yarn fabric lampshades or modeling complexes, with pendant lampshades. It is not proper to use woven or yarn fabric lampshades or lampshades with complicated shapes and pendants. The light source should be a yellow fluorescent lamp or incandescent lamp, and the light should be warm and warm. If the wall lamp with warm color is properly equipped on the nearby wall, it will make the atmosphere warmer when entertaining guests and improve appetite. A bathroom is a place where people relax physically and mentally, so we should use bright and soft light to evenly illuminate the whole bathroom. For a small bathroom, only one ceiling lamp needs to be installed; For bathrooms with a large area, the light emitting ceiling diffuse lighting or ceiling lamp plus wall lamp can be used. The washroom should use wall sconces instead of overhead lights, to avoid water vapor condensation on the lamps affecting the lighting and corrosion lamps. Use wall sconces for bathtub lighting, light into the bath, emitting a warm atmosphere, so that the body and mind are extra relaxed. However, It's important to note that this kind of wall lamp should have moisture-proof performance.

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