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Maintenance method and fault detection of luxury crystal ceiling lamp

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With the advantages of noble and elegant products, luxury crystal ceiling lamps have become the product purport that is highly respected and trusted by users. Based on the analysis and consideration of the actual situation, we can find that the corresponding crystal ceiling lamps on the market are rich in varieties and styles, which can be said to be of the great reference value. However, in the later stage, due to the problems of the product itself or operation, it often leads to a series of troubles or failures. So today's popular information is the block text with great reference significance in relevant aspects.

Here is the content list:

  • Maintenance method of luxury crystal ceiling lamp

  • Fault detection of broken luxury crystal ceiling lamp

Maintenance method of luxury crystal ceiling lamp

  1. The LED of the luxury crystal ceiling lamp doesn't work, and the light bulb can still work. Generally, the remote controller is no problem, check whether the lamp beads are properly inserted and whether there is any leakage. Many people call the manufacturer as soon as the LED is not lit. If you don't check it yourself, it may fall off due to vibration during transportation, so this category is classified as LED falling off and false insertion.

  2. The crystal ceiling lamps work well when it is tested under the ceiling. But it not working when it was installed, generally, that is the lamp cap leaks electricity.

  3. The crystal ceiling lamps are all off. Are you flustered in this situation? Don't worry. First, remove the remote control, and then directly test the power of the LED and lamp holder. Can they all light up? That's the problem with the remote control. If it doesn't work or is abnormal, it needs to be replaced.

  4. Nowadays, crystal ceiling lamps generally have segmented devices, that is, the first gear is LED on, the second gear is a bulb on, and the third gear is all on. If the first gear is broken, there are two possibilities, one is that the LED bead is broken, and the other is that the LED driver is broken. Now, there are many types of LED. If the second gear is not lit, the bulb is broken, or the segmented device is broken.

Fault detection of broken luxury crystal ceiling lamp

If the luxury crystal ceiling lamp is broken, what should you do?

Here are the answers: circuit problems and accessories problems. Check and eliminate each problem one by one.

For example, the line problem:

There are many reasons for this, such as the aging of the circuit for a long time, the quality of the lamp itself, and so on. Whether it's a low-voltage crystal lamp or a modern crystal lamp. There is only one way we can deal with it, that is, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the circuit of lamps.

But how do you check? How to start?

Generally, the circuit of the crystal ceiling lamp is installed in a concealed place. You'd better remove the whole crystal ceiling lamp. You must pay attention to safety when removing it. Be sure to cut off the power before starting. After removal, it's time to check. Our order is the first look, second smell, and third hands-on, the smell here is to smell with your nose.

First of all, we should use our eyes to see where there are traces of burning. If we can't find them, we should smell them with the prince to see if there is any residue of burning lines

Smell. Generally, the reason for the large area of the lamp not lighting up is probably that the circuit is burnt out. We can find the burnt circuit and reconnect it. If we can't find it, we need to do it ourselves. One by one, check whether the connection between the light socket and the line is loose. We can solve the line problem by this method.

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