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Materials of modern simple wall lamp

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The style of wall lamps is generally matched according to the overall decoration style. In recent years, the simple style prevails, and the modern simple wall lamp also becomes popular. What are the materials of modern simple wall lamps? Now we will give you detailed information about modern simple wall lamps.

Here is the content list:

  • Crystal

  • Parchment

  • Ceramics

  • Hardware metal

  • Acrylic

  • Glass


Crystal is the most commonly used material in the production of wall lamps and lanterns. It can be divided into many types according to the level, including imported K9 crystal, domestic K9 crystal, K5 crystal, and K3 crystal. Lamps made with crystal as decorative pendants are known to many people for the luxury of crystal. Decorative wall lamps and lanterns with crystal has been done for decades, and is still the main material for lighting production. The characteristic of crystal is that it has a strong refractivity, which refracts ordinary light into desirable light. The representative works are generally in modern style. Now the widely used ones are crystal ceiling lamps, crystal chandeliers, crystal desk lamps, crystal wall lamps, etc.


Parchment is also a widely used material for making wall lamps, but it is much less than crystal. It is the main material for making Chinese-style lamps. The lampshade of many Chinese-style lamps must be equipped with parchment to show the unique characteristics of Chinese-style lamps. Modern people make full use of the characteristics of sheepskin's thin light transmittance to make sheepskin lamps with the classical style of the Communist Party of China. The light lines made of sheepskin are soft, which is a symbol of a warm family. So if customers have bought Chinese lamps, it should be very clear that the light from the sheepskin is very soft, warm, and has a kind of classical flavor.


Ceramics is also a widely used wall lamp material. The famous one is Jingde ceramic. Of course, its price is also relatively expensive, because the lamp made of porcelain is a work of art, and ceramic is also the representative material of Chinese lamps. Lamps made of porcelain are light fusion and have strong light transmittance. Generally, Chinese classical art paintings are painted on porcelain, which is a real work of art. Common wall lamps and lanterns include ceiling lamps and table lamps.

Hardware metal

Hardware metal is mostly used as the base plate of wall lamps. The common one is stainless steel. The base plate of many ceiling lamps and the fixing plate of ceiling lamps are made of hardware materials. In addition, there are some hanging ropes of ceiling lamps, lampshades of European lamps, and lamp holders for modern simple lamps. Many lamp holders will be made of hardware materials. Metal is used for fixing and decoration. Generally, iron and copper are used as well as some alloy materials. Iron is used to fix the bracket. Copper is not easy to rust and make some screw accessories. The alloy material is flexible and can be used for modeling. Most of the lamps made of metal materials are made of European-style iron lighting.


Acrylic has been widely used for wall lamps in recent years, especially for some carved wall lamps, carved chandeliers, and lampshades with carved patterns. Many of them will be made of acrylic material. However, the acrylic material is relatively fragile, and it is easy to be damaged during transportation, but it has the advantage that it is not easy to turn yellow, This is also one reason why it will soon replace plastic.


Glass is also a relatively common material used in the manufacture of wall lamps, especially the lampshade. Many European lampshades are made of glass, but many of them are processed. Especially the color, glass lampshades of different colors can be made. There is also a lot of processing in terms of technology, such as frosting, and bending, and many lamp bodies of European candle lamps are made of glass bends.

The above are some common materials for making wall lamps. If you are interested in wall lamps, please consult CAMILAMP lighting. Our website is

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