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When thinking about the ambience and atmosphere in a room, lighting can be one of the most fundamental elements. It’s an overlooked aspect of interior design that German manufacturer Occhio understands the importance of. That’s why in 1999, the brand’s founder Axel Meise started out with a revolutionary concept designed to enable people to become “the lighting designer of their lives”.

It’s a bold claim, which Meise set out to support with his modular system of luminaires with interchangeable reflector heads that could be combined in any number of ways to give users the ideal lighting solution for virtually any situation. Today, Occhio’s innovative product portfolio comprises four overarching luminaire systems, which meet the various lighting of different environments both residential and commercial.

Untypically for decorative lighting, this starts with the light and not the look of the luminaire, although that follows a close second. The brand’s philosophy is expressed through sleek aesthetics and state-of-the-art, user-friendly design realised with a focus on the essentials. 

This includes the brand’s Mito collection, a series of gesture-controlled ring lights available in various models including floor standing, wall lights and mirror lamps. The characteristic design of Mito aura is sculptural and expressive thanks to its glare-free LED light source, which can be set at various temperatures.

“We distribute a few systems rather than many individual luminaires,” explains Meise. “This allows us to go deeper into every detail and focus on product quality, as well as to refine our product presentation and marketing.”

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