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Several parameters of reading table lamp

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How to choose an excellent reading table lamp? In addition to brand, appearance, material, price, and other factors, the most important are technical parameters. To meet the above requirements, consumers first need to look at the parameters of the reading table lamp, and the optical parameters are described below.

Here is the content list:

  • Luminous flux

  • Color rendering

  • Color temperature

  • Blue light hazard

  • Illumination uniformity

  • Stroboscopic

  • Certification standards

Luminous flux

The first parameter of the reading table lamp is luminous flux.

Refers to the brightness of the light source itself, that is, the luminous energy passing through a certain area in unit time, unit lm lumen;

Light intensity: luminous flux emitted in unit solid angle, unit cd candela;

Illuminance: the effect of light source illumination, that is, the luminous flux received per unit area. The effect is related to distance, and the unit is lx lux;

Power: electric energy consumed by a lamp in unit time, unit: W watt;

Illuminance is not necessarily related to luminous flux, but to distance;

Luminous flux is not necessarily related to power, but to luminous efficiency;

For example, the optical parameters of an ordinary light bulb are generally written on the package.

The requirements of the national standard for illuminance: office reading 300lx precision drawing 750lx, converted into a light flux of more than 300~500lm.

Color rendering

The second parameter of the reading table lamp is color rendering.

The color rendering ability of the light origin to the object. The higher the color rendering, the more realistic the color of the object, expressed by CRI or Ra.

CRI: According to the reducibility of 15 colors, take the average score of R1~R15 to identify the color rendering performance.

Ra refers to the average value of R1~R8.

For conventional household reading lights, CRI > 90 is sufficient.

Color temperature

The third parameter of the reading table lamp is color temperature.

A unit of measurement that represents the color component in the light, which is determined by the composition of blue light and yellow-green light;

Warm light is suitable for life and white light is suitable for work. 2700~3000K color temperature light is recommended for home use.

Blue light hazard

The fourth parameter of the reading table lamp is the blue light hazard.

Blue light is a kind of high-energy visible light with a wavelength of 400~500nm, which can directly penetrate the cornea and lens to reach the macular area, accelerate the oxidation of macular cells, and cause optical damage to the retina.

The national standard emphasizes the blue light hazard and requires that it is not suitable to use the blue light hazard to detect RG2 products. (Most manufacturers do not indicate)

After control, it is recommended to select the RG0 table lamp.

Illumination uniformity

The fifth parameter of the reading table lamp is illumination uniformity.

The more uniform the light is, the better

The lamp beads are exposed - dazzling and dazzling are quite serious, causing great damage to the eyes, with glare<2000cd/m².

The size of the lampshade is very important, and the light should be evenly distributed.


The sixth parameter of the reading table lamp is stroboscopic.

Stroboscopic, of course, the less the better;

There are very complex algorithms in the national standard to calculate the safe stroboscopic range, and the brightness fluctuation also needs to be considered comprehensively.

In the national standard, the low-hazard flicker frequency is 1250Hz, and the non-hazard frequency is 3125Hz.

Certification standards

The last parameter of the reading table lamp is certification standards.

An excellent writing desk lamp must meet the following national or industrial standards, and there will be corresponding testing and certification reports.

GB/T9473-2017 Performance Requirements for Reading and Writing Table Lamps

CQC 1601-2016 Technical Specification for Performance Certification of Visual Work Table Lamp

IEC: 62471-2006 Photobiosafety Standard

The above are some parameters that need to be understood when selecting reading table lamps. As a professional lamp manufacturer, CAMILAMP lighting has a rigorous scientific attitude and strict control over all indicators. If you have any questions, you can contact us. Our website is

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