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Some places suitable for modern pendant lamps

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The pendant lamp is a kind of indoor lamp, which includes traditional pendant lamps and modern pendant lamps. They can be seen everywhere in hotels, chain stores, or advanced buildings. Now, modern pendant lamps are becoming more and more popular and have become a major feature of interior design. So, where is the suitable place for us to use hang the modern pendant lamps? Next, we will introduce some places suitable for modern pendant lamps.

Here is the content list:

  • Dining room

  • Lounge

  • Corridors and stairs

  • Living room

  • Gate

Dining room

You may be curious about how high it is to hang the modern pendant lamps on the table ceiling. Let's tell you, to make our dining more comfortable, the modern pendant lamps should be about 60 cm above the tabletop. From this height, the brightness will be fully displayed so that people sitting at the table can see each other.


Generally, it is not difficult to install a pendant lamp in the lounge. However, in most cases, the power socket determines the location of the modern pendant lamp. If this is the case, you need to prepare a plan in advance in case you are in a hurry. In the lounge, modern pendant lamps are usually placed in the center or at both ends. So what is the proper height of the chandelier? The most appropriate answer is that it should be high enough to prevent someone from hitting the head, but the height of the ceiling lamp should be determined according to the ceiling height of the restroom.

Corridors and stairs

When it comes to corridors and stairs, the role of the modern pendant lamp can be reflected here. The corresponding rope adjustment can be made according to the height of the stairs or corridors. The downward light is suitable for lower floors, such as the lobby or stair landing area.

Living room

The living room is the largest leisure and activity space in the family, and also an important place for family and friends to meet. To create a warm atmosphere, you can choose a modern ceiling lamp or branch lamp. The lighting configuration of the living room usually uses the light of the main lighting and auxiliary lighting to interact with each other. You can increase the indoor atmosphere by adjusting the brightness and highlights. But we must keep the overall style consistent.


The gate is the place that gives people the first impression when entering the room. Whether its design is beautiful and appropriate will directly affect the quality of people's decoration of the whole house. Therefore, be careful. There is no natural lighting in the gate, and there should be enough artificial lighting. Downlights, spotlights, or wall lamps can be installed near the entrance to improve the poor lighting. Modern pendant lamps can be used in the hallway, which can bring warm color or cold colors. A wall lamp with a fashionable shape is equipped on a blank wall, which is both decorative and lighting, killing two birds with one stone.

The above is about some commonly used modern pendant lamps.

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