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Some popular trends in modern pendant lamps

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Through computer-aided design, by comparing the brightness of the bright spot, the light distribution curve request, and the function and structure design of the chandelier, the three popular trends of the development of modern pendant lamps are formed. Next, the following three popular trends of modern pendant lamps are introduced.

Here is the content list:

  • Use an efficient and energy-saving light source

  • Multi-functional miniaturization development

  • The integrated technology of ceiling lamp

Use an efficient and energy-saving light source

In recent years, with the implementation of energy-saving lighting technology, the design of energy-saving lighting chandeliers has become the most concern issue of chandeliers manufacturers, and they have realized that to achieve efficient energy saving, modern pendant lamps should first adopt energy-saving light sources, which is the condition for the implementation of high-efficiency energy-saving chandeliers; Secondly, according to the size and shape of the energy-saving light source, the optical system of the modern pendant lamp is carefully designed to improve the effective application rate and decoration effect of the modern pendant lamp.

Multi-functional miniaturization development

With the development of compact light sources, various new technologies and processes have been continuously adopted, and ballast and other lighting electrical accessories have been miniaturized. Modern pendant lamps are developing towards small, practical, and multi-function.

1、 The use of compact fluorescent lamps in modern pendant lamps has increased. Initially, fluorescent chandeliers mainly focused on the development of table lamps, and now they have gradually expanded to the development of various lighting chandeliers, various lighting places, and functional lighting chandeliers.

2、 The design of various small chandeliers is more exquisite and reasonable. Miniature spotlights produced by some companies are equipped with various optical accessories, including prism, lens, grating, etc., at the leading-out end of each optical fabric to control the beam, with unique functions and small size.

3、 To adapt to the flexible requirements of the changeable size and function of modern buildings, and make the best use of the building space to facilitate people's livelihood, the multifunctional combined droplight came into being. For example, ceiling fan lamps suitable for families and offices adopt a control system that integrates lighting dimming and fan speed regulation functions, which can perform full-scale dimming for light sources, and three-gear speed regulation for electric fans, which is convenient and practical.

The integrated technology of ceiling lamp

1. The dimming method of the modern pendant lamp is more advanced, convenient, and flexible than before. In addition to setting the dimming device and switch device in the chandelier, it also uses an integrated infrared receiver or remote control dimming device to dim the projection light source or uses a computer to program dimming.

2. Use scene selector, light source, and low-voltage lighting system to work, and use common wiring to combine flexible lighting design and multi-point control. This kind of scene dimmer and remote scene controller can be installed in multiple ways, combined randomly, and used in meeting rooms, museums, and other places, with obvious convenience, flexibility, and control effect.

3. The application of a computer remote control console and indoor computer lighting control system can automatically reverse the status of interior decoration lighting pendant lamp source according to the natural lighting level, day and night time, and user's request, and realize the parameter setting, torsion and monitoring of the entire lighting system through the screen. This kind of control method can be used in hotels, shopping malls, and other civil facilities.

4. Integrated technology is gradually connecting with the development of modern pendant lamps. After adopting integrated circuits for all kinds of chandeliers, the energy-saving effect is remarkable.

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