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Structural composition of ceiling lamp

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The ceiling lamp is very common in our life. It is a kind of lamp, which is installed on the ceiling of a room, close to the roof, so it is like conducting electricity on it, this is the reason why it is called a ceiling lamp. Some houses have high floors, and the lamp will become depressing when installed. The ceiling lamp is good to avoid this situation. So what kind of ceiling lamp is in the selection of ceiling lamp? Now let's understand the structure of ceiling lamps to facilitate free choice.

Here is the content list:

  • Ceiling lamp shade

  • Ceiling lamp chassis

  • The Aluminum base plate of ceiling lamp

  • Ceiling light emitting diode light source

  • Ceiling lamp power supply

Ceiling lamp shade

The ceiling lamp shade is generally made of acrylic material or PVC material through blow molding, taking into account light transmittance and uniformity. It has a good heat resistance and weather resistance. The material does not degrade or deteriorate. It can filter ultraviolet rays. It can be viewed directly for a long time without hurting, dazzling or dazzling.

Ceiling lamp chassis

The ceiling lamp chassis plays a fixed role and carries the whole lamp. Generally, a cold-rolled steel plate is used, and then the paint is baked after stamping! Durable, without discoloration, yellowing, paint peeling, and corrosion.

The aluminum base plate of the ceiling lamp

The aluminum base plate of the ceiling lamp, that is, aluminum-based circuit board, which shares the role of welding lamp beads, circuits, and fans, is generally 1.2mm thick;

Ceiling light emitting diode light source

It is a flashing component. In the past, incandescent bulbs and annular fluorescent tubes were mainly used as the light source of ceiling lamps. Light emitting diode light source is a new type of light source, which saves 90% more energy than incandescent lamps and more than 50% more energy than fluorescent tubes. It is very energy and money-saving, and its service life is up to 50,000 hours, for up to 1,000 hours of incandescent lamps and 8,000 hours of fluorescent tubes. The core of LED light sources lies in chips. At present, up to three-ampere chips are used. The largest chip in China has the best cost performance!

Ceiling lamp power supply

When it comes to ceiling lamp power supply, it is necessary to convert 220V mains power into low-voltage DC power, so it is necessary to use a power supply. At present, the quality of LED chips has been relatively stable, and power supply has become a key factor in the quality of LED ceiling lamps. Many LED ceiling lamps fail because of the poor selection of power supply. Generally, the constant current power supply with JCT can be used to ensure poor service life.

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