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The introduction of Height Adjustment BOLOGNA -00 Decorative Ceiling Lamp

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Ceiling lamp is common in modern homes, and decorative ceiling lamps can not only provide lighting but also beautify the environment and bring visual impact to people. The lamp introduced today is the Height Adjustment BOLOGNA-00 Decorative Ceiling Lamp launched by CAMILAMP lighting. The following is the introduction to this ceiling lamp.

Here is the content list:

  • Characteristics

  • Structure

  • Specifications

  • Precautions


  • This decorative ceiling lamp designed and produced by CAMILAMP lighting can be adjusted and changed at will. The chain can be freely combined to adapt to different floor heights. In the living room, the round shape, layered sense, and warm light create a soft and comfortable atmosphere.

  • Bright and efficient LED light source, providing excellent light quality,ceiling lamp CRI>80

  • Low-cost operation: Compared with other equipment, it saves 80% of energy and eliminates the cost of replacing more than 6 MULTI during the fixture life (L70=30000 hours).

  • High-quality glass with, a perfect finish.

  • Random combination, each customized by quantity.

  • Various colors: chrome/white pad.

  • Environmental protection: no harmful substances.


The whole decorative ceiling lamp is composed of a lamp body, chain, and base, with a total weight of 1.5kg, dimensions of 50cm in diameter, and 150cm in height.

  • Lamp body: The lamp body is made of high-quality glass, which can not only provide sufficient light with a CCT of 4000K but also has a luminous flux of 5100 lm. In addition, the beautiful lines and artistic shape make this pendant lamp particularly unique.

  • sling chain

Although there are only three hanging chains, they are very strong. The hanging chains made of high-strength metal bear the integral lamp body. In addition, from the physical point of view, the three hanging chains can evenly share the gravity from the lamp body and save costs.


Next, introduce the specifications of this decorative ceiling lamp:

  • Working voltage: 230V~50Hz

  • Power: 36W

  • Luminous flux: 5100 lm

  • CCT:4000K

  • CRI>80

  • IP:20

  • UGR≤23

  • SDCM≤5

  • PF≥0.9

  • Flashing ≤ 5%


Next are the precautions for this decorative ceiling lamp:

  • When cleaning ceiling lamps, because they are hung high, the lampshade and bulb are easy to be broken, so when removing the lampshade, you should be extremely careful and try to cooperate with two people.

  • Before disassembly, turn off the power supply first, and do not wipe the lamp holder with a wet rag to prevent electric leakage;

  • When scrubbing, you can turn over the light-colored cotton socks or double-layer bath towels and put them on your hands, and gently wipe the lamps.

  • After cleaning, the lamp shall be installed as it is, without missing or wrong parts, and without changing the structure of the lamp or replacing its parts.

  • The ceiling lamp should not be installed in a humid environment, otherwise, it is easy to corrode various materials of the lamp and affect its beauty and service life.

  • It is necessary to dust the ceiling lampregularly. If you do not clean the dust for a long time, the light will appear foggy and hurt your eyes.

  • Not applicable to an external dimmer.

  • Dimmable by switch.

  • 5-year quality assurance.

The above is information about this height adjustment BOLOGNA-00 decorative ceiling lamp. As a company with continuous innovation spirit, CAMILAMP lighting, in addition to the professional design team, also keeps an open mind and learns from other company. If you are interested in this decorative ceiling lamp, please contact us at

CAMILAMP lighting is lighting Manufacturer located in ZhongShan City, Guangdong Province, known as the "global lamp capital".




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